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Instant Nutrition from an image

What's in your food? With PictoFood you'll always know! Simply take a photo of any food or food product and get back its nutritional content. This lifestyle tool is changing the way people eat. Simple and fast to use, PictoFood intregrates with Health kit allowing you to keep track of your nutritional intake on a day by day basis.

Recent Favorites

Snap Now

community empowerment

SNAP Now was designed to help SNAP recipients that have a difficult time finding retailers that are SNAP participants. It is a user-friendly mobile app based application that provides easy access to the location of the nearest SNAP approved stores. Simply enter any full address, city and state, or zip code and get a list of the 10, 25, or 50 closest SNAP retailers plotted on a map.

Recent Favorites


Health and Fitness

MySkinMap is a lifestyle tool dedicated to help you keep track of your moles and get a preliminary result on whether your mole is cancerous or not. Simply take a photo or upload an image of your mole and get accurate results about your mole. Keep track of your mole with our calendar and storage capabilities! Available on iOS and Android.

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Practical Technologies are our specialty. We build ideas and turn them into disruptive execution that people use over and over again. From healthcare to finance, have an app or API Technology needed to take your company to the next level, our team of professionals will vet it, fine tune it, and build it to your specifications.

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